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Important Notices

MiFID II Applications 

Firms impacted by MiFID II should apply now for authorisation or for a variation of permission (VoP), otherwise they risk being unable to operate when MiFID II takes effect on 3 January 2018. To ensure that the application can be determined, the deadline for the submission of complete applications is 3 July 2017. For further information click here for the MiFID II Application & Notification Guide.

 UK authorised firm wishing to passport activities under MiFID I should submit passport applications through Connect. Firms wishing to passport under MiFID II (MiFID II authorised or application for MiFID II activities) can do so from 31/07/17 to 2/01/18, by completing the relevant MiFID II Passporting forms and sending them to MiFID.Passport@fca.org.uk.
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